July 18, 2012

The Girl Games Blog Tour - Character This or That and Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone!! On the occasion of the release of The Girl Games - the first Goddess Girls Super Special edition featuring Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite and Persephone all at the same time! - I'm happy to welcome Goddess Girl Artemis who's going to play This or That with us!

Without further ado, lets jump right to it. 

Artemis answers This or That

Dogs or Cats? Dogs, of course. I’ve got three of them: Amby, a beagle, Nectar, a greyhound, and Suez, a bloodhound. (Suez is Zeus spelled backward.) Aphrodite and Persephone might disagree with me, though. They’ve both fallen crazy in love with a black and white kitten named Adonis. They fight over him all the time. And they’re keeping him a secret from Principal Zeus. I do not see a good end to this.

Fruits or Vegetables? What’s a vegetable? No, seriously. I’m not fussy about food. I like everything. Except maybe broccoli. Apples are my favorite fruit. I’d try to shoot one off the top of Apollo’s head if he’d let me. He says my aim with a bow and arrow is good, but he still wouldn’t trust me not to miss. Humpf.

Hugs or Kisses? Usually I’m not a big fan of either. Only I wouldn’t mind a hug or kiss from Actaeon. So far we've only held hands a few times. I wish I knew how he really felt about me.

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise. Before everyone else is up. Out of one of the trails below Mount Olympus with just my dogs.

Half-Full or Half-Empty? I’m confused. Are we talking about my quiver here? It only needs to be half-full to hold my three silver arrows. Those are the ones I intend to use to beat that boyfriend-stealing Amazon, Penthesilea, in the archery event in the Girl Games.

Scream or Cry? Scream. Like this: “Back off. Actaeon’s my crush!” But I never do it out loud. Only inside my head. 


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