July 19, 2012

Speed Date: Wish I Might by Coleen Paratore

No Clue what this cover has to do with the story
The Deal: Willa's perfect summer in Bramble, Cape Cod isn't going as perfect as she hoped for. Her best friend Tina is boy crazy and she and their other friend Ruby are making Willa feel left out. Joey, Willa's boyfriend, is spending the whole summer away from her in Miami. Even her new dog, Salty, has deserted her for a boy named Will*. 

Only that Will claims Salty was his dog first, and that Willa is actually his sister - something Willa can't deny as they look so much alike. What's more, Will is in Cape Cod on a mission that has everything to do with the birth-father they never met.  

And Willa has to deal with it all, largely on her own as she wonders how Will's mission will turn her life upside down, if he's right. 

My Thoughts: I'm a huge fan of The Wedding Planner's Daughter books, which followed Willa's adventures when she was younger. Sadly, I can't say I find this second set of books - about Willa's teenage years - to be quite as charming.

Willa is growing up, and some of her more lovely traits as a kid don't translate so well now she's a teenager and she often comes off as naive, goody-goody and a bit too perfect. I still like her and her love of books and all, but she is a bit too sweet sometimes. 

She's alone a lot in this book too, and I sort of missed the Willa of previous book who was always trying to help other people, she's no longer quite the cupid she used to be and that takes away some of the whimsical aspects that I used to love so much about the series. 

I'm curious about the next book, though (From Willa, With Love) even this this particular book, Wish I Might, wasn't my favorite of the series. 

Favorite Quote: "Enjoy it, little girl, enjoy it. Every little spark, every second.
You'll grow up soon enough, and nothing will feel simple again." - Willa.

What's a Book Speed Date, you ask? It's a quickie review--about 150 words or so--of any genre book (variety is the spice of life, after all).

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*Call me crazy, but during Forget me Not, the previous book of the series, I never got the feeling that Will was quite as old as 17. But suddenly, in this book he is, yet he still sounds like he's Willa's own age (14), actually.

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