July 27, 2012

Book Review: The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands

At First SightPaul Jones was desperate, there was no other explanation for the fact that he has kidnaped Jean-Louise Argeneau as she left her family's company Argeneau Enterprises. As a fellow scientist and employee of the company, Paul is privy to some secrets of the Argeneau family, like the fact that they are what most people would call Vampires. 

Paul doesn't have anything personal against vampires, and he doesn't really intend to harm Jean-Louise but he does need her help. Jean-Louise isn't happy to find herself tied up in Paul's basement, so her natural reaction is try to gain control of Paul so he sets her free... only that she quickly realizes she can't... and that can only mean one thing: Paul might well be Jean-Louise's Lifemate. The person most Immortals/vampires spend most of their lives waiting for. 

Now she wants to stay to figure out if Paul really is her lifemate, and to help Paul (particularly after she realizes of the reason why he kidnaped her). But there is the little problem that half her family are either Enforcers (Vamps Police) or involved in the Immortal Council, and they are not going to take well to the kidnaping, no matter the reasons. 

Second GlanceOops, I think I went a little overboard with the description, but I tried not to give any of the important stuff away. The Lady is a Vamp is the latest addition to the Argeneau and Co series, which spans over 15 books, since I have read most of them, I can tell you that this book isn't much like the previous ones, something that I appreciate since series this long tend to get a bit repetitive. 

There is a change in dynamics in this story, mostly because Jean-Louise is the vampire of the relationship - it usually is the guy who has to explain it all and convince the girl to like him - and that was a refreshing.

I was a little iffy with the whole kidnaping part but the author pulls it off (mostly because you are really convinced he didn't plan to harm her, really). And I liked the characters, particularly Paul. Jean-Louise not so much actually, I felt like she sometimes made mountains out of molehills.

Oh, and my favorite part was Julius Notte getting all worked up over an Italian football match (rest of the world football). It was so funny and adorable!!! 

Bottom Line: Over all, the Lady is a Vamp was a nice addition to the series and a good read, but it's not my favorite installment, mostly because I never finished liking Jean-Louise, and it was other characters that made me like the book. 

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