June 28, 2011

Mini Review: Cherish by Wataru Yoshizumi (Manga)

The Deal: Chiriro lost her mom when she was 3 years old and since then she has been brought up by her Mom's best friend Taku-chan and his partner Rei. Now she's 18 and about to start college at the same university her mom and adoptive dad went to.

On the first day of classes, Chihiro runs into her first boyfriend, Tsuda-kun. Back in middle school, he dumped Chihiro after she told him her parents were a gay couple, and then he moved away and they never talked about it.

Only that now they are going to the same school, are in the same school club and he is under the impression that she's the one who dumped him because he was moving away.

My Thoughts: First off, don't let yourself be put off because Tsuda supposedly has a problem with Chihiro's parents. He really doesn't. And I shouldn't say it, but I'm afraid that part of the description will have a negative effect on the story's appeal.

Anyway, Cherish is a short, sweet story about first love and second chances. I usually don't like the Big Misunderstanding plot, but since this story was told in three chapters and things got solved very quickly, I didn't mind. And I was actually surprised at what really happened.

The story is quite sweet over all, and I really liked Chihiro and how loyal she was to the people who raised her, even though she really did like Tsuda and how she struggled because part of her was happy to see him again.

There was a sub plot about Chihiro's biological father that was a bit random, but oh well. Also, because it's so short, there isn't tons in the way of character development. But I had a really good time reading this manga, and it was sweet.

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