June 19, 2011

At the Movies: X-Men: First Class


X-Men: First Class was on my Most Awaited Movies of 2011 list, and I was so happy when I got to see it so quickly after it opened here. 

First Class is a bit of a prequel to the X-Men 1, 2, 3 and Wolverine, but it's also very much it's own movie and I think it can be seen on it's own since it's the very beginning of the story.

As it opens, we meet Erik and Charles, two boys with very different backgrounds but with very unusual gifts: they are mutants. While Erik is trapped in the hell of World War II and in the clutches of a mad scientist; Charles lives a comfortable if a bit isolated life in the US, but even the isolation lessens when he finds another young mutant in his kitchen, Raven, and he takes her in as if she were his sister. 

Years later, Charles is man-about-town finishing his doctorate thesis in Oxford; while Erik is hunting down Sebastian Shaw, the man who killed his mother and then used him as a lab rat for years.  Their paths converge when Charles -and Raven - are recruited by the government to stop Shaw, who is currently plotting a massive nuclear war. 

That is just the very beginning of this movie and let me tell you that I loved it, it so remind me of why I loved the X-men growing up and I loved seeing the start of it all. James McAvoy was a great Charles Xavier - a bit arrogant, a bit full of himself, with big plans, but with his heart in the right place - and Michael Fassbender was one hell of a HOT Erik (I want me some of that!) and, well, seeing the genesis of his persona as Magneto was amazing, he's always straddling the line between good and bad, in fact, I will say he's a bad guy doing a good thing for most of the movie, and that was incredibly sexy, plus it was awesome to see. 

Also, you get to see the beginning of many iconic characters like Beast and Mystique. 

Awesome movie, I completely loved it. I'll give it an A - yeah, I loved it that much!

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