June 2, 2011

Cover Love #23 - Froi of the Exiles

Aussie Cover
Three years after Lumatere is united, Froi has adopted the ways of his new homeland, dividing his days between rebuilding the kingdom and training with the Queen’s Guard. Until a mysterious man arrives with a promise that he can grant a young assassin access into the palace of Lumatere’s enemy: to kill the King of Charyn. 
But once inside the secretive kingdom of stone, Froi is forced to protect the half mad Princess Quintana and her unborn child who will be the first babe born to Charyn in eighteen years.  And in breaking his bond to his beloved Queen Isaboe and Finnikin, Froi may just be the one to bring peace between two kingdoms and find out the truth to his past.

Melina Marchetta just revealed the cover for Froi of the Exiles in her site - and who would have thought Froi would look kind of hot in it? - LOL

Even though I didn't LOVE Finnikin of the Rock, I really liked it and the summary for this one sounds awesome!! So I'm definitely checking out. And I hope they do keep this cover when it reaches the US, as I'm not a fan of the cover of the hardback of Finnikin - plus, the book is MASSIVE, I don't know what's up with these massive hardbacks, they don't even fit in a standard bookshelf. 
Fin paperback
US paperback cover

I was also told that the paperback cover of Finn is different (see to the right), and though I do like it a little better, it makes me wanna say "Thunder- Thunder. Thundercats!!!! OHHHH!!" 
Really, it's the first thing that comes to mind.

Anyway, Froi of the Exciles comes out October 3rd in Australia. There is no release date in the US yet.

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