February 7, 2010

Once was Lost by Sara Zarr

Once Was Lost  is the story of Samara Taylor, who's having quite a rough time lately: being the daughter of the most popular pastor in her little desert town she feels like she's constantly under the microscope, her mother was just arrested for DUI and sent to rehab, her family's finances can be described as broke and there is a heat wave over the town that seems like it will never break. 

Then, on a day like any other, a girl from Sam's small town is kidnapped throwing the town into turmoil and putting more strain on Sam's already shaken faith. 

For me is hard to talk about Sara Zarr's books, they always make me uncomfortable and unsettled, and I don't mean it in a bad way, more like they make me think about things I rather not think about sometimes.

That being said, I do believe Once was Lost is the book by her that I've enjoyed the most so far, as a person who has gone through a couple of crisis of faith in the past, I could identify with Sam much more than I could with the girls from Zarr's other two books. And I found easier to get into the story thanks to the brisk pace of it. 


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