February 10, 2010

Fangtastic by Sienna Mercer

Fangtastic is the second book of the My Sister the Vampire Series by Sienna Mercer.

When we last saw Ivy Vega and Olivia Abbot, they had just found out that they were long lost twin sisters! But that's not the weird part, that would be the fact that while Olivia is a typical girl, Ivy is a vampire. 
That doesn't matter, though, because Ivy and Olivia love each other instantly, even though they do want to find out more about their biological parents, so they can figure out how come one is a Vamp and the other a Bunny. 

However, that takes a slightly back seat when a newscaster decides that there is something dark lurking in Franklin Grove -where the girls live -and is dead set on exposing it all out. Soon Ivy and Olivia are scrambling to keep the Vamp's secret under wraps.

Sorry to say that this book did feel a bit like a filler and nothing much happens, but it's still a fun read. Plus is not a huge commitment of time, so it's a good way to spend a few hours. Ivy and Olivia are fun, very different girls but surprisingly normal. 


starstarstar 1/2

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