February 10, 2010

Just My Favorite Kind

I don't know about you but I'm the type of girl who loves the Olympic Games, I cry during the opening ceremonies, I wake up at all hours to see events - during Beijing 2008 I was having a really hard time because it so happens that my heart problems were at their worst and I felt super ill every time I got excited about something, not the best frame of mind to watch sporting events, let me tell you - I go for two weeks with little sleep and I love every minute of it.

The first games I remember of my own volition are Barcelona 92, I was eight and what I remember the most was watching lots of gymnastics with my grandma and also the amazing venue where they held the diving competitions. 

However, and much as I love the Summer Games, my heart truly belongs to the Winter Olympics. The first ones I truly remember were the ones of Lillehammer, Norway, when that whole thing between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan went down, I was still pretty young, but I remember all the drama.

I guess that's when I fell in love with figure skating, it was very different sport back then - kind of like gymnastics, actually - but it was still beautiful. Now I'm a faithful follower of skating, dancing mostly, I love watching the couples dancing on the ice, which is funny because when I was little no one cared about ice dancing. 

Like I said, times change, but my love remains the same. Here is to the Winter Games, my favorite kind of Olympics.

Vancouver, don't disappoint me!

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