July 29, 2009

Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James

Just the Sexiest Man AliveTaylor Donovan is an up and coming lawyer from Chicago who has come to L.A. to work on a case. She likes the sun and the sea very much, though she doesn't quite understand the celebrity obsession that seems to be the norm in town. So she's a bit baffled when her L.A. boss orders her to help Hollywood's favorite leading man Jason Andrews to research his upcoming role as a lawyer.

After he stands her up -twice- Taylor isn't very inclined to help him when he actually does show up, but since her boss won't let her wiggle out of it, Taylor is stuck with Jason much to her annoyance and his delight. Taylor is the first woman who hasn't automatically fallen in love with him and he finds that intriguing.

Taylor is a very nice, well-rounded character, I quite liked her and understood why she was a bit reluctant about falling in love, let alone falling for Jason. She's smart and funny and you get the sense she's a heck of a good lawyer. Now, Jason, he's an acquired taste, he starts as a bit childish and immature (and he's in his late thirties, by the way) but he eventually finds it within himself to grow up and then he actually turns into a very likable character.

Add an evil-ish up and coming Australian actor who wants Jason's career, Jason's best friend Jeremy and Taylor's best friends and her secretary, and the story is quite funny.


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