July 19, 2009

Book Gossip (#12)

Book Gossip #12

Okay, so I was reading Romance Novel TV and saw a post on Harlequin Teen.

What is Harlequin Teen, you might ask?

Well, it's a new division of Harlequin, which will focus on romance for Teens! Particularly with a paranormal element.

Their upcoming titles include:
  • My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent (out July 28th) about a girl who can sense when people are about to die.
  • Intertwined by Gena Showalter (out August 25th) about a 16 year-old with four human souls living inside his body.
  • Elphame's choice by P.C. Cast (out September 29th)
According to RNTV, Harlequin Teen has around 20 titles planned for 2010, which will include paranormal, sci fi and contemporary romances

Now, you're free to think whatever you want of Harlequin but - raunchy covers, and abundance of tycoons, billionaires and virgin brides aside - they have been around for 60 years and to this day they continue to be one of the strongest presences in romantic fiction (not to mention ebooks), and if one thing can be said for them is that they try to keep up with the times.


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