July 22, 2009

I got my first ARC!!!!

Okay, so a few weeks back someone at Little Brown emailed me about reviewing Ghostgirl and Homecoming by Tonya Hurley. I was so excited!!! But since I'm outside the US most of the time, I asked my cousin to pick them up for me since usually she comes down here for a while in the summer or we go visit her.
Anyway, I finally got them!
I got them over the weekend actually but things have been a little busy around here.
Confetti Girl
I haven't have a chance to read them but I did look them over and they look great, the covers and the inside art are amazing! Oh and I also got Confetti Girl by Diana López, who's a local Texan author - my cousin is from Texas, so I guess that's why they sent it, but hey! free book! YAY!.

Anyway, that's it for my little random note.


Ps- I took the pictures on my desk. Here is a broader look (Those aren't all of my books, just my new shelves).


  1. that's awesome! Doesn't it feel awesome when you get your first ARC? Augh, Confetti girl looks cool, I really want it! xD how did Little, Brown know about you? o.O

    Those are still some nice full shelves ;]

  2. Hi! - I don't know how they knew of me. And yup, it feels awesome!!! =)

    I'll let you know if Confetti girl is good :)

    And thanks! I like putting up new shelves and then filling them up



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