February 12, 2009

Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

RevelationsBlue Bloods Book 3
Since these aren't books that can be read by themselves I'm going to assume you read The Blue Bloods and Masquerade already (reviews of those here and here respectively).

So, Schuyler Van Alen isn't a happy camper, thanks to Charles Force's meddling, she had to leave her home and grandfather to move in with him and his family which include both his nemesis Mimi and her forbidden crush Jack; and she's forbidden from contacting her grandfather or best friend Oliver.

There is only one small scape from the oppressive Force mansion, on respite: An apartment in the Perry Building where she meets in secret with Jack, even knowing they are not supposed to be together, they can't help themselves. Especially after Mimi starts talking about renewing the Bond with Jack, which will make him hers forever (again).

Schuyler is confused and sad, especially after finding out that breaking the bond could very well land Jack in the same position her own mother, Allegra Van Alen is in - deep into a coma from which she can't or chooses not to scape - after breaking her own bond with Charles.

But soon bigger problems come in the picture, like what's brewing in Corcovado, underneath the statue of Christ the Redeemer... ancient secrets and betrayals of apocalyptic proportions. We finally learn who the Silver Blood is but that's just the beginning, leaving the door open for more questions.

I've to say that the big saving grace of these books, what keeps them from being this long, boring, vampire version of Romeo and Juliet, with Jack and Schuyler's impossible love, is the fact that there is a bigger plot, stuff is happening, interesting stuff. It's no that the love story falls to the back burner, because it is important to the whole plot, but in a way that it's not boring and instead is suspenseful.

I can't wait to read book four The Van Alen Legacy, and learn what happens next. I do hope we come to a conclusion of this narrative arch then because I hear we might see as much as nine Blue Bloods books in all, and I frankly don't think I can stand six more books of impossible love - but someone told me we are to have at least two more different narrative arches, so I'm crossing my fingers for a 'conclusion' to the Jack & Schuyler dilemma in the next book.



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