February 17, 2009

Death By Bikini by Linda Gerber

Death by BikiniDeath by Bikini is the first book in the Death by Series (followed by Death by Latte and Death by Denim) an introduces us to Aphra Conolly who, at sixteen, lives on a remote island resort her father owns.

On the surface it looks like a dream come true, with exclusive guests dropping by for weeks on end, and the beach and all, but Aphra isn't really happy, she keeps wondering why her beloved mother Natalie didn't come with her and her father to the island, why she hasn't contacted her in four years.

Then, in the midst of the low season, some mysterious guests arrive, The Smiths. Mom, Dad and Adam. Adam who's hot, nice and 17. Aphra is wondering if it's wise to get involved with Adam when he's going to be leaving soon, when one of the other guests turns up death.

Who exactly are the Smiths, and what have they to do with Aphra's mom?

Lots of dangerous secrets and one little island!

It's a very enjoyable book, Aphra is smart and capable if a little cold at times, and, like I said, 'Adam' is fairly likable, there are plenty of secrets going about some of which are answered by the end of the book while new ones arise.



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