January 16, 2009

Masquerade By Melissa de la Cruz

MasqueradeBook Two of the Blue Bloods Series (I'm going to assume you read the first one, The Blue Bloods, if not I reviewed it right here)

Schuyler Van Alen has traveled to Venice in hope of finding her long lost grandfather Lawrence Van Alen; before dying, her grandmother Cordelia told her that Lawrence might know how to destroy the Silver Bloods, horrible creatures who prey on young Blue Bloods like her self (Schyler has survived two attacks). Though she does find her grandfather after two frustrating weeks, she comes home empty handed.

Back in New York, everyone is getting ready for the Four Hundred Ball, a vampire-only ball where the best of New York society (all of them Blue Bloods) gather to welcome the newest members into their fold. After the ball, Mimi Force (Schuyler's archenemy) is throwing a party just for teens, and Schuyler finds herself invited! There she gets kissed by a mysterious guy whearing a mask. Could that be Jack Force (Mimi's twin, something else and Schuyler's impossible crush)?.

Well, everyone can see Jack and Schuyler are drown to each other and Mimi is not about to stand for it, even if it means invoking dark magic and bringing the Silver Bloods awfully close.

Okay, finally, after months (I've had this book since October) I read Masquerade. Though I had liked Blue Bloods I was kind of put out by some of the things there -being as I'm culturaly catholic- but, having processed that, this book went down a lot easier. And I did enjoy it!

There are still a lot of mysteries and unanswered questions as well as a frustrating love cuadrangle between Mimi-Jack-Schuyler and Oliver (Schuyler's best friend). And in general is one of the better vampire books I've read in a long while and I like it much more than the Twilight Series, Masquared feels richer, with lots of back story and rules to the universe it's situated in.

A good read.



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