December 15, 2008

Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie

Welcome to Temptation
Sophie Dempsey did not want to go to Temptation, Ohio with her sister Amy to make a video of a has-been actress; but she follows her little sister and finds Temptation's Mayor Phineas Tucker whom all he wants is to run the town with as little fuss as possible and raise his daughter, but one look at Sophie and he finds himself going at all hours to the house were Sophie's staying, fixing various items around the house and imagining life with her. Sophie doesn't particularly like town boys like Phin, but she can't help to be drawn closer by his steady presence and by the amazing chemistry they have together.

Alright, so, generally I'm a fan of Jenny Crusie (and I had high hopes for this book since it's my friend Maddy's favorite); but this book is not my favorite, it's not a bad book it just didn't draw me in as quickly as most her other books have done. I liked Sophie and I liked Phin but, at the beginning, I felt kind of annoyed at the little interaction between them. I didn't like Sophie's sister, though I did like her brother - which is weird since they both are kind of screw ups. I disliked Clea - the washed off actress before mentioned - and most of the other town's people.

I really liked Rachel and Leo, though, I think their developing relationship helped to keep the book interesting. And, by the second part, when Sophie and Phin were 'really' together, I began to enjoy the book quite a lot. Also, kudos to Ms Crusie for writing a kid that wasn't snotty or capricious, Phin's daughter really wants her dad to be happy and she really wants a Mom.



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