December 15, 2008

Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd

Tongue In Chic
Meadow's grandmother, the famous painter Isabel Benjamin, once told her of a priceless painting she hid at her ex-husband's home, Valdemar; she said it was Meadow's legacy and when Meadow's mother Sharon gets sick with cancer, Meadow thinks it's high time she went to retrieve her legacy so she breaks into Valdemar and is caught red handed by Devlin Fitzwilliam the ruthless hotel developer who bought Valdemar to turn it into an exclusive boutique-hotel which is opening in less than a month.

After an accidental hit on the head, Meadow quickly and desperately pretends she has amnesia and that she doesn't remember why she's there, recognizing her as Isabel's daughter (though unsure of her real name) he decides he's going to use her to upset Bradley Benjamin's, former owner of Valdemar and all around pain in Devlin's butt, and follows Meadow's proclamation of amnesia with the declaration that she's his lost wife.

It sounds promising, doesn't it? Sadly, it wasn't as good as I expected and I didn't have THAT high expectations about it after Trouble in High Heels, the characters felt flat and way too two dimensional, all of them; they were likable but, again, very cartoon-y. And the romance felt way rushed. Also, the background plot with Mr. Manly and his sons (Devlin being one of them) seems to be going WAY to slow and coming out of the blue in each individual story.



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