December 20, 2008

At The Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker

Bride Hunt
At the Bride Hunt Ball it's the first novel by Olivia Parker and features two interesting characters, one is Gabriel - a duke who, rather than getting married and begetting the proverbial heir, wants his brother to marry and carry on the line - and our heroine, Carolyn who doesn't think very highly of the duke for hosting the title's Bride Hunt Ball at which is brother is expected to select his bride.

Carolyn couldn't care less about Lord Tristan, Gabriel's brother, but she tags along to the ball because she won one of the much coveted invitations and her best friend is half in love with Lord Tristan already and Carolyn wants to protect her. Gabriel is very attracted to Caroline right from the start though he has his reasons not to want a wife (a bit exaggerated I thought but acceptable).

In true historical romance fashion, they can't help to be drawn to each other.

Like I said before Olivia Parker is a first time author and she does a good job of it, the book is engaging, the characters endearing and the plot, if a little predictable, flows nicely.



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