October 18, 2008

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas

Wallflower ChristmasIt's Christmas time and the Wallflowers attack again!

First we met the Wallflowers Anabelle, Lillian, Evie and Daisy in their respective books (Secrets of a Summer Night, It Happened One Autumn, Devil in Winter and Scandal in Spring), which are adorable books about four friends who help each other navigate London's society and find husbands and happiness.

On this novella we met Rafe Bowman, Lillian and Daisy's oldest brother, who comes to England to court and marry Lady Natalie, a girl picked out by his father. Rafe is neither for or against the marriage but he's willing to go through it to gain joint proprietorship of his father's company European branch. In an effort to help him with the courtship, Lillian, Daisy and Anabelle, invite Hannah - Lady Natalie's cousin and companion - to tea, so they can pump her for information on Lady Natalie and how Rafe can woo her.

Well, things don't go as expected, mostly because the moment Hannah and Rafe met, sparks fly!

It's a wonderful, happy book. It doesn't mean everything runs smoothly, Hannah and Rafe do have obstacles to overcome but there is an enchanted feel about the book, maybe because it happens around Christmas and it seems like everything is possible.

I loved the novella, loved revisiting the original wallflowers and seeing that they are still friends and are still up to their old schemes! all in the name of love!

I just hope one day we get to meet the Bowman twins Ransom and Rhys, because if they are anything like Rafe, we are in for something good!

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