August 29, 2008

To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt

Samuel Hartley has a mission, to find out who betrayed his regiment at Spinner's Falls during the war; and for that he has come to London looking for answers. And so he meets Lady Emmeline Gordon, the sister of one of the men who died at Spinner's Falls, and with whom he falls in love.

If only things were so easy! They are from two different social classes, she's not interested on marrying him -at times doesn't even seem to like him if not for the fact that she can't stop thinking about him - and it's almost engaged to another man. Plus, there is there is one traitor to find!

This book is the first of a new set, The Legend of the Four Soldiers, and all the elements that made The Prince Trilogy so good are in here as well. As it's becoming tradition with Ms. Hoyt there is a story within a story, and these 'fairy tales' are unusual and evocative and I just love them.

I can't say I was quite as charmed with this book as I was with, say, The Raven Prince, mostly because I didn't like the heroine as much, but, over all, is still a great book. Samuel is blunt and honest, his sister is very endearing as is Emeline's son Daniel. And Emmeline's friends Lord Vale and Melisande intrigue me (they are up to be the couple in book 2: To Seduce A Sinner, out this up coming November).



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