August 1, 2008

The Scarlet Letterman by Cara Lockwood

LettermanIf you go a few posts down you'll find my review for Wuthering High, the first book of the Bard Academy Series. I LOVED IT. And now is time for the second one!

The Scarlet Letterman by Cara Lockwood, picks up a few weeks after the end of Wuthering High during the second semester of Miranda's sophomore year at Bard. She has a gorgeous boyfriend, Ryan Kent, and things seem to be going all right... well, it is sort of weird that Heathcliff hasn't contacted her and then suddenly two things happen: First, a misterious man seems to be attacking students... a man who could very well be Heathcliff; and Two, someone is starting rumors about just how far have Miranda and Ryan really gone and the things she had to do to wear Ryan's letterman jacket.

As always the book is so funny, Miranda and her friends are likable and quirky and I absolutely love them. I won't say more of what happens because you won't guess. At least I didn't.

Another great read

starstarstarstarstarPersonal Favorite

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