August 30, 2008

Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig

This book starts on an ordinary day of Leslie Hiller's life when she's taking her best friend Cavett home with her for the first time. Leslie leads a nice life in the upper-middle class of New York, she's talented, smart and attractive yet... she isn't happy. She doesn't know exactly what is it she just know that's how things are.

After accidentally losing weight after having the flu, Leslie decides that her path to happiness is through being thin and begins a diet which quickly spins out of control as her 'goal weight' keeps dropping and she feels that can't stop.

I first read this book (with that cover, I read the Spanish version that's why I put it ;) ) when I was twelve and in middle school, I had been struggling with many self-esteem and self-image issues, mostly because my sister was size five and I was size nine and everyone in my family called me 'fatty' as if it was an endearment; and I was amazed by it.

There are no easy answers in this book, it is a struggle and even though the it practically ends with three dots its also very hopeful. This is one book I red and re-red almost every year at least once. I can't correctly say how much it meant to me back then but I can say that it is a must read.


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