June 19, 2008

Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot

Princess on the Brink
Princess on the Brink (Princess Diaries Book 8) by Meg Cabot

A very quick way to sum up the Princess Diaries Series is to say that is about a girl, Mia, who we met when she was 14 and her father told her she was actually Princess Amelia heir to the throne of Genovia a small country in the way of Monaco. Mia never wanted to be a princess and most of the time she does not like being one but, through the course of the books, she grows a little each time.

By the time we get to Princess on the Brink, Mia is now sixteen she has a boyfriend, Michael, whom she loves and things seem to be going okay, until Michael announces he's moving to Japan for a year or more and so the book begins.

Mia has one week to convince Michael not to go and she's fairly willing to do whatever it takes to get him to stay... until she finds out some things aren't exactly as she was imaging them. There is a classic Mia-blow out and well, can't say what happens next.

I will say though that Princess on the Brink still made me laugh like all the others PD books made me laugh and that, thankfully, Mia finally seems to be growing up and leaving behind her whinny self which made books six and seven a bit of a trial at some points. Meg Cabot still has that same humor and you still like Mia and when she finally sees, she sees it fairly clearly and tries to makes things right. That's the thing about Mia, she might blow it but she always tries to make it right which makes her so endearing and likable... however, Mia might just discover that sometimes it is too late.

I really liked it, I can't wait to get Princess Mia and Princess Forever, this last one out in December, and see how this story ends.



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