June 14, 2008

Book Review: Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I had never read Susan Elizabeth Phillips before, but for some reason I was drawn to Kiss An Angel. I wasn't disappointed.

Daisy Deveroux is a spoiled rich girl, her mother was a super model and when she dies Daisy finds herself a bit adrift and spending more money than what she has, which is why, when things get bad, her father decides that what his daughter needs is an iron hand and convinces this guy Alex Markov to marry her. They have to stay married for six months or her father won't help her to stay out of jail.

Alex isn't happy either but he owes a mysterious favor to Daisy's dad so he agrees and marries Daisy... and then tells her he's a circus manager and that they are going to be on the road until winter hits and they make it back to Tampa. At first, Daisy is horrified, but soon enough she starts to like the circus and the animals and begins to crave a place for her self among Alex's circus family and in Alex's life.

I adored this book!

Both Daisy and Alex, not to mention all of the others circus performers, are very vivid, they are essentially good people but they are also quite flawed. Daisy isn't dumb, she isn't even an airhead though sometimes in her life she has come across as one, she's just a bit lonely and hasn't always made the best choices. Alex isn't your average hero, he has a temper, he can be mean, but at the same time he isn't a villain.

Another thing that works in this book? The sexual tension. It is so hard to find stories were there is good tension between the characters, but this book has it. Not to mention a truly well written dialogue. There is true warmth in this book and it's just something to be enjoyed.

I did have a few problems with the book though, particularly after re-reading it a few times, and they mostly have to do with Alex's 'legacy' I thought that was a bit over the top and it annoyed me more and more each time I read it. 


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  1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a true genius when it comes to romance novels! You should try Natural Born Charmer - that was the one that got me hooked! - and Match Me If You Can. All her books are enthralling and all-round great, for lack of a better word!


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