June 5, 2008

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

Kate needed a break and she needed to find love also, that's why a two-week vacation to the exclusive resort seemed to be the perfect idea, a sort of two for one kind of deal: One, she would get to relax; and Two, she could hunt down her perfect man from among the men at the resort, who were exactly the type she was after... or so she thought.

Jake, on the other hand, once made it big in the big city, why? He wasn't exactly sure, he just found himself one day in the rat race... and one day he decided to get out. He gave all his money to his younger brother Will and moved back home. Will, in turn, took Jack's money and built The Cabins, one of Kentucky’s most exclusive resorts. Jake is happy with being Will's silent partner and spending his days by the lake doing nothing at all and just telling people to mow the lawns. Jake feels like he got it made.

Then Kate and Jake met and well... all sorts of things ensue.

I'm a big Jennifer Crusie fan, I love her humor and the warmth of her characters, Manhunting - her first novel ever! Published for the first time in 1993 - is not exception. Kate and Jake feel real both in their disenchanted view of love and in their hopefulness. And it is a clear example of how you can really have it all in life, only that the it might not be what you first thought it was.

Completing this book is a nicely drawn cast of supporting characters, from Will to Penny - Kate's neighbor and new friend at the resort - and Nancy, proprietor of Nancy's the family bar in town, to the college student/bartender/caddy/everything else you need that Penny falls for.

Go read this book, and enjoy another great one by Jennifer Crusie




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