October 29, 2014

Book Review: A Night of No Return by Sarah Morgan

The Deal:  Emma Gray is a professional and takes lots of pride in her work, which is why she finds herself driving in the snow to reach her boss, Lucas Jackson, and deliver to him some important documents her forgot and that he will need for his upcoming trip. Sure, she's supposed to be off the clock but the documents are too important to be trusted to anyone else.

Lucas Jackson is a wealthy architect and a demanding boss, and there is one night a year when all he wants it's to be left alone. It was bad enough that he had to shoo away a surprise party (and publicly break it off with the 'girlfriend' in turn), and now he has his secretary showing up.

As they get snowed in for the night, one thing leads to another and before the night is through they have had sex all over the place. Emma is ready to quit - though she likes her job just fine and it's very good- but Lucas isn't so inclined.

But before anything can happen, they find themselves in business trip together, staying way too close for comfort.

My Thoughts: You know what? Once again, I really got into Night of No Return. Lucas is often annoying and autocratic, Emma often over reacts but they are pretty likable all in all and the writing just pulls you in from the story.

I do recommend it, it's not long at all but the characters feel developed and though the story is a bit predictable, it was fun to read.

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  1. oh this sounds like a short yet sweet one. Sometimes its not bad to read a predictable read especially when its entertaining.


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