August 14, 2014

Burned by Sarah Morgan

Not a fan of this cover, I keep thinking
 she's gonna bite her tongue off.
The Deal: Rosie Miller is a martial artist and trainer living in London with her sister and trying to enjoy her life. Having gone through a rough childhood, Rosie took refuge in martial arts and in being strong, but there is one thing about that whole world that always brings her down: Hunter Black. 

Hunter Black was an older guy at the gym where she trained as a teenager, and they became friends and, eventually, lovers... and then he left her. And Rosie hasn't been able to have an stable relationship ever since. So Rosie is horrified when - in the middle of her latest breakup - she notices Hunter sitting on the next table at the restaurant she's at. 

Rosie tries to run away, but Hunter won't let her... and things get even more complicated when she finds out that he's her new boss. 

My Thoughts: When I read Ripped - the novella that features Rosie's sister Hayley - I was very intrigued by Rosie and what had happened to her in the past, as it's mentioned that she had gotten her heart broken before. So I was excited to read Burned... but sadly, this wasn't the greatest novella. 

For one, you never really know what the hell went down between Hunter and Rosie years before when he left, a few things are implied but most of it was guess work, and the only thing that was clear to me was that Rosie was clingy and Hunter left because they she was getting too serious of something. But, as I said, nothing is really explained (or at least it wasn't explained to my satisfaction). 

And most of the page time is taken up by Rosie and Hunter either contemplating their sexual chemistry or actually having sex. But there was little development otherwise. 

So, yeah, not a big fan of this novella.

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  1. That's too bad. It's rare to see such a low grade for Sarah Morgan! Sounds like another book I can pass... thanks for the review!


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