May 20, 2014

Book Review: Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

At First Sight: Josie understands everything in terms of the languages people use to express themselves. She's particularly well versed in the language of her sisters Maggie and Kate, specially Kate with whom she's very, very close.

But now Kate has brought home a guy, Geoff, whom she thinks is the one and can't see how wrong he is for her, in Josie's opinion. And no matter how much Josie protests, no one is listening to her.

So Josie is a bit lost in translation, with a boyfriend whom isn't sure she loves but seems to love her; with Kate who used to be one of the two people who spoke Josie's native tongue; and with her best friend Stu who doesn't say much at all. 

Second Glance: I really enjoyed Love and Other Foreign Words. And I really liked Josie - she's incredibly smart and often unintentionally funny because she marches to her own drum so much. I loved that she's not an outcast and actually has lots of friends and normal-teenage relationships with them.

I loved the relationship with her sisters, Maggie and Kate - I really identified with her in that score, I'm the youngest girl from my mom's side of the family and I'm used to being doted-on by my many, many female cousins and sister and I felt very proprietary about that, kind of like Josie does.

Kate annoyed me a bit, and Geoff too, at the beginning I was like "OMG! I hate you already!!" and could understand Josie, even though I knew she was an unreliable narrator, I was still on board. But maybe he isn't so bad in the end ;)

Also loved Stu and Sophie, they were adorable. You could totally see the love between them even when they were screaming at each other, plus they were really good friends to Josie. 

Bottom Line: Definitely recommend Love and Other Foreign Words, it's a lovely read with lots of humor as Josie went on her quest to break up Kate and Geoff, it's a little crazy and twisted but, then again, so is sisterhood. 
This review is par to of the Summer Reading / Love and Other Foreign Words Blog Tour.

PS - Sorry for the late posting, was at work all day and my schedule post didn't go up as planned. 

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