May 25, 2014

Book Review: The Heiresses by Sarah Shepard

The Deal: They Saybrook family made it's fortune in diamonds, and they are Upper East Side royalty, with their good looks and pots of money. Their lives are charmed (or maybe cursed). And all that before a clause in the patriarch's will says that only his granddaughters can inherit the massive fortune. 

Corrine, Rowan, Aster and Poppy are the heiresses (and each other's cousins), each with their own secrets and longings, and their own role to play within the diamond empire. There is also Natasha, the black sheep of the family who "disinherited" herself recently. 

But when Poppy, she of the perfect life and wonderful husband, is killed, the remaining heiresses are drawn together to figure out who killed Poppy and why, before one of them becomes the next victim.

My Thoughts: The Heiresses is like a grown up version of Gossip Girl with a dash of Shepard's own Pretty Little Liars thrown in. There are secrets and scandals and all type of inappropriate behavior that we all seem to find (morbidly) fascinating when it involves the beautiful and rich.

The book in general was dishy and trashy and somewhat fun... but it also had several issues. For starters, you're introduced to tons of characters all at once in the first couple of chapters, it was really hard to keep track - or even care about any of them. It was easier to keep the cousins straight by remembering who was the party girl, or the ugly duckling or the lawyer, than anything else, because their voices didn't sound that distinct to me. 

So, if you're looking for a Gossip Girl for grown ups type of book, this might work well for you (though I think the too large cast of characters might still be a problem for some). Otherwise, stay clear. 


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