February 13, 2014

Book Review: The Story Guy by Mary Ann Rivers

The Deal: Carrie West is happy but restless. She loves her life working as a librarian, having a nice group of friends and a good relationship with her parents, but there is something that makes her stay up all hours of the night, reading personal adds and hunting down furniture online. 

One night she comes across a different add: Just Kissing - on Wednesdays. She has never answered any of these adds before - it's not even why she reads them - but the idea of meeting with someone just to kiss one lunch hour a week, is too tempting to resist. 

So, she starts meeting Brian at a park near both their works. Brian is  too handsome and so nice; and from the first moment there is a great amount of chemistry between them. But Brian isn't looking for a relationship, for reasons he won't explain, there is no room in his life for anything other than kissing. 

But Carrie is determined to not be just another Wednesday. 

My Thoughts: I don't know who brought The Story Guy into my radar but I know I've been meaning to read it for a while. 

As a novella, I think it works okay, I also think this would have benefitted for a little more page-time, since I felt some things were kind of very rushed. A lot of it has to do with the pace, it goes very fast and I normally love that, but I felt like this story need to stop a little toward the end, take a breath and process things a little, instead of just keep going in high gear until the end. 

Both Carrie and Brian are likable, and I was actually presently surprised by how vivid Carrie's world was giving the short page time, but you do get a good sense of her life. 

All in all, I do recommend The Story Guy, it was a good read, sometimes got a little steamy, I just wish it had been just a little bit longer. 

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