February 11, 2013

Book Review: Kissing Kendall by Jennifer Shirk

At First Sight: Following the death of her firefighter husband Jake, Kendall Grisbaum has fallen into a bad emotional place. She's depressed, has been let go from her job and if it weren't for her two best friends who keep pushing her, and for her newly acquired puppy, she would stay home all day and be depressed. 

But now, she has decided to start doing something about her life, starting with opening her own bakery with the help of her friends, which includes Brad. 

Brad is the brother of one of Kendall's best friends, Georgie, and a police man who was also pretty close to Kendall's husband - in fact, he introduced them -and, once upon a time, he was pretty close to Kendall as well though they drifted apart after she started dating her husband. 

Brad has always been in love with Kendall, but never dared to make a move until now, when they are spending a lot of time together as he helps her to get the bakery ready. Part of Kendall tells her she's not ready for another relationship, but the rest of her just likes being around Brad. 

Second Glance: Kissing Kendall was a fun read, it was well written, the characters were nice and everything. The situation was a little sticky because of the whole love-triangle-with-the-dead-husband -thing and Kendall's fear of dating another man who routinely puts his life at risk for the sake of others. 

She was very traumatized by the way her husband died on the job, so a relationship is the farthest thing from her mind at the beginning. I liked seeing her with Brad, I think they worked quite well - and it was easier to believe because it's stablished that they were great friends once - but it could have used a little more of showing instead of telling. 

I also felt like Kendall held onto her fears for a little too long, because Brad sounded like a really good guy. 

Bottom Line: Kissing Kendall was an entertaining read, it made me hungry with all the descriptions of cupcakes and desserts, and the concept of the story is adorable, but it lacked a little in execution. 

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