February 6, 2013

Book Review: Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan

And you thought the
 previous ones were bad...
At First Sight: Adam Ellery - an entomology grad student - is not the type to hook up at the laundromat but when he meets Denver Rogers - after he chases away some drunken frat guys that were bullying Adam -  thanking him turns into them having sex right there in the middle of the laundromat; an event that should be a once off for Adam, but he can't stop thinking about Denver afterward.

Working as a bouncer at Tucker Spring's local gay bar - Lights Out - Denver has his pick of guys to have sex with - He might not be the handsomest guy around, but his strong physique and commanding air about him make him stand out - but since their first encounter he can't get Adam out of his head.

Neither of them have a great experience with relationships, but after a few dates they start a tentative relationship even if on the surface they don't have anything in common.

Second Glance: Dirty Laundry is the third book in the Tucker Springs series and it actually spins off a short story that Heidi Cullinan published a few months ago.

Once more, we are in Tucker Springs exploring the lives of two gay men. This book had a lot going for it actually, in the past book I grew to like Denver (he's El Rozal's best friend from Second Hand, and he and Paul show up a couple of times) and reading more about him and seeing things from his perspective  he won me over, he's not perfect but I liked him.

I liked Adam well enough too, he has severe OCD and other anxieties and it's hard for him to even be with someone - hanging out with friends, going to people's houses, using public restrooms - but he likes Denver, and he likes the person he is when he's with Denver.

They do have a Dom-Sub relationship, which was handled really well as boundaries were respected and the relationship was balanced; and in that aspect the sex in this book is a little more racy than in the previous ones in the series and it does jump at you more. I didn't have a problem with in particular but its also not something I particularly go out of my way to read in general.

Lastly, while I still like the community aspect of this series and I liked the characters in general, I don't really see me re-reading this in the future. I liked it but I think I still like Second Hand more.

Bottom Line: I enjoyed reading Dirty Laundry and I like the people involved, but it still was probably my least favorite of the series so far. Will I keep reading more about Tucker Springs? Probably yes - even with the bad covers and I'm curious about the next book which features a tattoo artist and a youth pastor (yeah, I know!). Fair warning though, the whole dom-sub thing is pretty explicit so it's not for the faint of heart. 

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