May 5, 2012

At the Movies: The Mighty Macs

In the 1972, Immaculata College was a small all-girls, Catholic school on the verge of being closed and sold, when Cathy Rush was offered the position of women's basketball coach. 

A former player and married to an NBA referee, Cathy sets out to create a winning team with little resources and only a handful of girls willing to play. 

She slowly gets to know the girls of the team - each with her own troubles -and finds an unexpected ally in Sister Sunday, a young novice who is wondering if she's cut for a nun's life after all. 

Eventually finding the college's team spirit, Cathy, Sister Sunday and the Mighty Macs become a championship team. 

I won this movie from Carrie @ At In the Hammock Book Reviews (you can check her review of the movie here) and I loved it. It's just such a nice, feel good movie. I love sports movies like this - because it's not so much about the sport itself but about becoming a team and a family and all that stuff that sounds corny but it's still fun to watch. 

My sister and I both loved it and we don't usually like the same movies, but we both liked this. 

Also, I need to say that I loved all the shoes and outfits Carla Gugino, who plays Cathy, wore in this movie 'cause they were awesome. 

All in all, I was happy to add The Mighty Macs to my movie collection and I give it a B. 

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