March 16, 2012

Book Review: Undeniably Yours by Shannon Stacey

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At First Sight: As the owner of Jasper's, a successful sports bar in Concord, Kevin is no lacking for female companionship, but he's still reeling from his divorce a couple of years prior - which ended when he found out that his wife was cheating on him with his boss, ending his marriage and career in one swift move - and he's starting to lose interest on the women that frequent his bar... until the night he meets Beth Hansen.

Beth is a nomad by choice, going from one crappy job/apartment to another, hopping from city to city trying to avoid putting any roots down. Having been smothered by her loving, overprotective parents for most of her life, Beth isn't took keen on anything that will tie her down. And she's not too keen on Kevin either, as the night they met Kevin punched her then boss and got her fired.

But a few weeks later they meet again - at Kevin's brother Joe's wedding - one thing leads to another and end up in Kevin's hotel room. And, a few weeks later, Beth finds out she's pregnant with Kevin's baby. Not expecting or wanting anything from him, Beth tells him of her pregnancy, thinking he ought to know but not really wanting him in her life. 

Kevin has other plans, coming from large, close knit family, he takes the news surprisingly well and is dead-set on making Beth's life easier, and keeping her around. Not only because of their baby, but because without meaning to, he has fallen in love with her. 

Second Glance: I had heard a bit of mixed opinions about Undeniably Yours, some told me it was their favorite book of the Kowalski series so far, and others that it was their least favorite. For me, it was neither. 

Over all, I liked the book. I thought Kevin was a lovely protagonist, he was likable and charming and attractive, and he wanted to do the right thing. Even though his life hasn't always been charmed, he wasn't bitter, and he was still a very loving and caring individual, even if he did have some hang ups. 

Beth wasn't always easy to like, she had these moments of foolish independence that really rubbed me the wrong way. But I didn't hate her, and part of me even sympathized a little with her. 

Now, I wish the Kevin and Beth had spent more time to with each other as an official couple, but I found the ending cute and sweet, even if a bit rushed.  I also wished Kevin and Beth had more of a life outside the bar and their apartments, because it seemed like they were ALWAYS in either of those places. 

Original Cover
I liked  seeing the characters I got to know in Exclusively Yours once more, and that their stories keep tinkering quietly in the background. 

Finally, while I liked Paulie, I didn't care for her subplot at all. It felt like an add on that could have been taken away and the story would have been fine. I found myself speed reading through her sections. 

Favorite Quote: While not my favorite of the bunch - that would be Yours to Keep - Undeniably Yours was a very nice contemporary romance, with likable characters and an interesting set-up. I definitely look forward to checking in with the Kowalski Clan in the future, though I'm afraid this particularly story won't be going into the 'special shelf'. 

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