March 30, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012 - Starting Line

PEDRO says Hi!!!
Hello everyone! Its that time of the year again, time to say Hello to Pedro once more and kick off Bloggiesta, a wonderful event hosted this year by It's All About Books and some other wonderful bloggers. It originated on Maw Books Blog and I look forward to it every year. 

Bloggiesta is all about improving your blog, and sharing the experience with other people. This NOT about READING. This is not a Read-a-Thon, but rather a Blog-Improvement-thon.

Starting Friday, March 30th and until Sunday, April 1st, we party Bloggiesta style! Anyone can join! All you need to do is have a to-do list and work hard at it. 

Originally, I was going to skip it this year because I'm slammed with work and stuff to read and whatvs, but in the end, I decided to do a Bloggiesta Lite and just tackle some stuff I've been letting fall to the side 'cause of real life (like updating my review index). 

To kick it off I give you... The Ode to Bloggiesta.

Ode to Bloggiesta

Another year,
Bloggiesta is here,
May the Pedro
Be ever in your favor,

Let the Games Begin! 
SEO might still be
A mystery to me,
But here is my To-Do List...

2012 Alex's Bloggiesta To-Do List:

  1. Write Pending Reviews
    1. Epic Fail
    2. Cinder
    3. First Date
    4. Card Captor Sakura Vol 2
    5. Magic Knight Rayearth Vol 2.
    6. Bright Young Things
    7. Fracture
    8. Life is But a Dream
  2. Write List Maniac Posts and Schedule them
    1. Favorite Tear-Jerkers
    2. Favorite Parents of YA
    3. Books with Awesome Food
    4. Dropped Series
    5. Favorite Audio Books
    6. Meg Cabot Heroines*
  3. Write Tune in Tuesday for Next Month
  4. Clean Up Tags
  5. Meg Cabot Blog Hop Preparations
    1. Write Sign Up Post
    2. Add Button
    3. Write actual Posts for the Event*
  6. Find Image to use in the At The Movies posts
  7. Write  and schedule Movie reviews for next month
  8. Update Challenge Lists
    1. Write March Challenge Update
    2. Prep posts for future updates
  9. Schedule Coming Soon Posts (Re-posts of early reviews, closer to release date)
  10. Update Book Index 
  11. Add tag to Net Galley/Review Books - In Blog and in Good Reads
  12. Delete posts that don't work anymore
  13. Prep posts for Book Blog Tour 
    1. Goddess Girls
    2. Welcome Caller, This is Chloe
  14. Update Personal Lists
    1. Audiobooks
    2. TBR
    3. For Review
    4. Faves of the Year
  15. Update and Clean up Review Policy
  16. Adjust settings on Blogger
  17. Revive Blog's Quick Links
  18. Participate in 2 mini-challenges
    1. Pinterest Mini-Challenge @Joy's Book Blog
    2. Twitter and Your Blog - Challenge @Katie's Book Blog
  19. Try Not to Go NUTS
Okay, that's my list... and yeah, that's the Lite Version. I decided to focus on content this year since I've done the more "Look and Feel" challenges and improvements before. I love them but they usually suck a big chunk of my time. 

So that's it!
Good luck everyone and May The Pedro Be With You!

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