February 3, 2012

Book Review: Someone To Watch Over Me by Lisa Kleypas

Someone to Watch Over Me
Original Cover
At First Sight: Waking up without memories in a stranger's bed was quite a shock, being told she was Vivien Duvall, a notorious and not very likable courtesan, was a very unpleasant surprise, but "Vivien" had no choice to believe the words Bow Street Runner Grant Morgan was telling her, because one thing she knew for certain: someone had tried to kill her and she needed to figure out why.

Grant Morgan rose through the ranks of the police and eventually became a Bow Street Runner, and amassed considerable popularity, not to mention a fortune. A while back, Vivien rejected him and, even though he hadn't been THAT interested, his pride stung. So, he figured that telling her amnesic self that they were lovers would be but an innocent lie.

The only problem is that Vivien isn't at all what Grant always thought she was and he can't help being enchanted by the woman in his care.

But, her life continues to be in danger, and the more time they spend together, the more he is convinced that she can't be Vivien.

Re-issue cover
Second Glance: Every couple of years, I enjoy going back to the Bow Street Runners series and reading it from the start. And I have to admit that Someone to Watch Over Me is probably my favorite though I know that a lot of people tend to go for Lady Sophia's Lover or Worth Any Price.

But I've always liked how uncomplicated Grant Morgan is, he's Kleypas-hero through and through - strong, honorable, self made and goes after what he wants; an alpha who is not an asshole - and I've always liked him. Vivien was a nice heroine, and I love the whole amnesia trope. 

And it's a rather steamy book, at least in my opinion. 

Bottom Line: A very enjoyable read, I enjoy going back to this book every once in a while. I often tell myself I'm just going to read my favorite scenes and end up reading the whole book. Someone to Watch Over Me is a good book on it's own and a good launch to this series. 

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