February 4, 2012

At the Movies: Drive

A guy - known just as The Driver (Ryan Gosling) - spends his days working at a garage or doing drive-stunt work for different movies in L. A., and his nights he spends working as a get-away driver for different criminals. He'll wait five minutes for you, and then do whatever he can to get you away, free.

He has just moved to a new apartment and due to a couple of casual encounters, he soon becomes entangled in the life of his neighbors - Irene (Carey Mulligan) and her young son Benicio - enjoying spending time with them, and doing whatever he can to help them, even after Irene's husband is released from jail. 

When the Driver finds that Standard - Irene's husband - is in trouble with some mob-types, he decides to use his skills as a get-away driver to help him pay his debts and get out of the mess, which accidentally makes everything turn for the worse.

I went to see this movie having heard that it was awesome but I found it to be deeply disappointing. It's slow, you never really get to know any of the characters  - the Driver comes off as 'mysterious' because he basically doesn't speak much, ever, but we are never explained why he is where he is or does what he does or anything, he lacks motivation and that kind of kills the movie.

Further more, this movie is called Drive and from the trailer I was expecting something with lots of action and cars and stuff, but the action scenes were rather unimpressive, just randomly violent and not very fast. 

All in all, the movie was rather boring. Not even Ryan Gosling looking hot could save it. 

I give this movie an F.

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