January 11, 2012

Waiting to Forget Blog Tour

As Part of the Waiting to Forget Book Tour, I'm happy to welcome author Sheila Kelly Welch, as she helps us get to know the narrator of Waiting to Forget, T.J. with this game of This or That! 

Dogs or Cats? Although T.J. likes animals in general, he would prefer a cat over a dog since they are quieter and less outgoing, like T.J. himself. 

Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits like apples and bananas because they are easier to eat than most veggies and don’t require much preparation. 

Romeo or Juliet? Okay, is this a trick question? T.J. likes Iza and would like Juliet if she were real. 

Left or Right? Right because he’s glad he is right about something. 

Pie or Cake? Cake because it reminds him of the party cake Momma bought to celebrate when he and Angela came home after they’d been in foster care. 

Comedy or Drama? T.J. needs to laugh more, so he’ll gravitate to comedy. 

Hugs or Kisses? Hugs but definitely not kisses. But in a few years . . . 

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise. There is always hope for a better new day. 

Coffee or Tea? Coffee. The scent reminds him of his birth mother’s coffee. 

Blue or Red? T.J. wanted a “piece of quiet,” and it would be blue and green. 

Strawberry or Blueberry? Strawberry. 

Up or Down? Both up and down like the “crazy steps” game that T.J. made up. 

Halloween or Christmas? Christmas 

Scream or Cry? Neither, although T.J. does cry sometimes he’d rather not show any emotions

Sun or Moon? Moon because it reminds him of a “piece of quiet.” 

Drums or Guitar? Guitar – he’ll learn to play when he’s fourteen. 

Salt or Pepper? Salt


Thanks so much to Sheila Kelly Welch for stopping by with her insights on T.J. 

For more information about the Waiting to Forget Book Tour - future and past stops - please check out The {Teen} Book Scene

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