January 14, 2012

As Seen on TV: Fall 2011/Spring 2012

As Seen on TV

Hello everyone! it has been a while since I posted anything TV related but with the new fall season well on it's way, I decided it was time to talk about the stuff currently on air.


Still Favorite: Bones
I've been so happy with the way the season is going, I think the show runners were very brave in bringing Brennan and Booth together and they were smart in still keeping the tension going between them, because, to be honest, that's more than half the fun of the show. I am sad that we are going to be saddled with a long hiatus following this week's episode - and a a shorter season due to Emily Deschanel's maternity leave - but we shall endure!

New Favorite: Revenge
It's deliciously soap-opera-y and so much fun to watch. It is a spin on the Count of Montecristo, which is one of my favorite stories ever. And I also love that it's such a female-centric show, I love seeing Emily VanCamp and Madeline Stowe battle each other out every week. And I admit I got a soft spot for Nolan who is so smart, evilish and kind of pathetic but likable, all at once. 

In the Bubble: Supernatural.
Last season was a bust and this season was looking like it was finally picking up but in the end it has turned out to be quite irregular. There have been some truly amazing episodes - like the winter finale! - but others have just felt flat (so much that I can't even remember what they were about) and the one with the wedding was quite disappointing and even a little offensive to the fandom. I still believe Dean and Sam are great and I love them as the Winchester Boys, but the show's writers need to cut back the campy  gimmicks ASAP and actually focus on a story to tell. 


Still a Favorite: The Good Wife
I think this show continues to improve with each season, there are some episodes I enjoy more than others but I'm still loving the direction the show is taking. I like seeing how Alicia is changing and how the show is handling the stuff. I'm old enough to remember the hey-day of the Practice and even Ally McBeal (before it went pathetic on it's last couple of seasons) and I missed seeing a good lawyer-y show on TV until the Good Wife came along.

New Favorite: Once Upon a Time
I love fairy tales and I love the concept of this series, and the dual narrative between Fairy Tale Land and the present day. Again, some episodes have more punch than others but I love the characters (both when I like them and when I love to hate them), and the winter finale last December left me squealing and gutted and it was awesome. My only problem is that from a story-telling point of view, I wonder how they are going to stretch the taffy to make it last.

On the Bubble: Glee
I hated last season, I think I liked 1 or maybe 2 episodes and the number of musical numbers I liked was down, like 80% regarding season one. Season 3 seems to be picking up though I'm frankly growing tired of hearing Lea Michel sing, I'm ready for something fresh and new, and I like that they have been showcasing some of the other voices, but sometimes Glee feels like the show that goes nowhere.

ThreeI don't know what is it but I gave up around the same time I gave up on the books. I always thought the original premise of the first four books was awesome and it made sense, then it went up to eight books and it was stretching the taffy but ok, it still worked... and then it went up to, I believe, 10 books and I just lost interest. Something like that happened with the show too. They just had to keep stretching the taffy, which is understandable since they covered most of book one in the first chapter, but, still. The only think I miss is Emily's Major Hot Dad. 


Still a Favorite: Big Bang Theory
It makes me laugh, that's the bottom line that's the most important thing. Plus, is a show that keeps moving forward even though it's premise is fairly simple, but it keeps evolving and I've actually  loved the inclusion of more female characters - Bernadette and Amy - who help balance the numbers. I loved the dynamics when it was just Penny and the four guys, and I love them all the same now.

New Favorite!3A 2 Broke Girls
Sometimes I think it's too raunchy and a bit lewd, but it's funny and I like seeing Max and Caroline interacting together and trying to sort of find their way. The show can be a little heavy on cultural cliches and stereotyping and yeah, that can be a little too much, but I usually get a couple of good laughs out of it, so I'm willing to give the show some time to evolve.

On the Bubble: New Girl
I started watching this with high hopes, and for the most part liked it, but sometimes it was too quirky and cutesy for my liking (and I'm a person who loves the cutesy stuff!), so I found myself not watching the episodes as they came out and watching them a few weeks later. I've been hearing exciting casting news though, so I hope my interest goes up again.


Still a Favorite: Modern Family
I love it. It's funny, you can watching with your whole family and everyone finds something to laugh about and there have been times when my stomach has actually been aching because I've laughed so much. It's family comedy at it's best.

New Favorite: Switched at Birth
I thought the first couple of episodes were a bit slow, but the show grew on me. It started as a summer series but due to popular demand it turned into an over-sized first season and I find that I like it more the more I watch it. And I like how they are portraying the struggles these two families are going through to blend together. 

On the Bubble: Suburgatory
I watch a few episodes here and there, and while sometimes I enjoy it a lot, other times I just don't find it funny. They recently started airing it on cable in my country so I'm giving it another try as I see that the later episodes were funnier, plus, I do like the tone of the show. 

One episode was enough. For me the problem wasn't that it was offensive - I'm OK with that, I mean I like 2 Broke Girls - but that it wasn't even funny, just a bit pathetic all around.

Well that's me, what I've been watching.What about you guys? Any shows I'm missing on?

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