November 11, 2011

Retro Friday (31) - The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands

At First Sight: Victor Argenau wasn't sure what to expect when he was sent to Port Henry to investigate an add in the single's column from a "Single Vampire Female". As an Enforcer for the Immortal Council, it's Victor's job to make sure other Immortals don't step out of line, and advertising one's being a vampire? definitely stepping out of line.

In Port Henry, he meets Elvi Black, a beautiful, single immortal who has gotten all her ideas on 'vampire behaivor' from movies and folk lore. At 62, she looks as if she were 25 and she really isn't sure how she came to be a vampire, only that it happened during a trip to Mexico and that without her best friend Mabel, and everyone in Port Henry, she would have died.

Sure, Elvi finds it a little tiresome to be the town's Vampire, sleeping in a coffin and avoiding sunlight, but she figures things could be worse. However, aware that she's not getting any younger, Mabel enlists the help of their friend Teddy to find Elvi some Vampire friends, so she's not left alone when nature takes it's course.

The situation is nothing like Victor expected, and he isn't sure what to do, specially after he, his friend D.J. and the other single, male Vampires invited along to meet Elvi - Alessandro, Edward and Harper - spend a week in town getting to know Elvi and realize what a nice person really she is.

Second Glance: The Accidental Vampire was such a fun, campy book!!! I think that with vampire novels, when one of the partners in the relationship needs to be 'turned', it can get a little repetitive, but I have to commend Lynsay Sands because so far her Argeneau Series isn't reading like that.

And this book is a great example of it! The situations weren't at all like the ones presented in previous books and I found this story really, really funny. I loved the secondary characters - the other vampire men were so much fun! - and it was just cute.

Bottom Line: If you're in the mood for a funny paranormal romance, with a lovely contemporary feel, The Accidental Vampire might just be what you're looking for! It'll make you laugh, I swear.Oh and even though its book 7 in the series, you can pretty much read it on it's own.
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