November 22, 2011

I'm back!


I know the blog has been quiet in the last few days and that was mostly because I was IN TEXAS!!!

It was my baby cousin's QuinceaƱera and so off we went for a visit - I think this was the longest I had stayed in a while - and well, I was busy running around with my cousins and doing a little shopping at the outlets and just, you know hanging out.

We went to see Breaking Dawn part 1, which was Surprisingly Good, funny both accidentally and on purpose, and kind of gross but in a good way. Plus, I was with my home girls so, you know, sometimes the company makes the movie even better. 

Oh and I also got some cool stuff, bookwise! I'll put it all in the IMM for this weekend... 

And now I'm off to sleep as I didn't get much of that done and I'm WAY behind with my shows and well, you know. I planned to read a bit while I was there but it just never happens! I love my cousins too much not to hang out.



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