April 13, 2011

Book Review: Texas Splendor by Lorraine Heath

At First Sight: After spending 5 years in jail for a murder he didn't commit, Austin Leigh is finally a free man, intent on going home, cleaning his name and marrying his sweetheart, who promised to wait for him, and move on with his life. 

But once he gets home, he realizes that everything has changed: his brothers extended their families, his sweetheart Becky married his best friend Cameron, and it seems like there is nothing for him in Leighton.

So Austin decides to find the real killer and clean his name, and he decides to follow his only, tenuous lead to the city of Austin. Along the way he meets Loree Grant, who welcomes him into her home and helps him to get back on his feet after he falls ill.

Loree is the sweetest person Austin has ever known, and she has her own troubled past - the rest of her family was murdered little over five years ago - but she's kind and she doesn't look at him like hes a killer, so he lingers more than he should; and one night, when loneliness gets the best of them, things go a little too far; and eventually Austin and Loree marry, completely unaware that their pasts are more tangled than what anyone would expect. 

Back at his brother's ranch, Austin is determined to make a good life with Loree and their unborn baby, settling on a new 'normal' and finding his place back into his family.

Second Glance: Texas Splendor is the last book of the Leigh Brothers Trilogy and I have to say that this was the one that made me cry the most. I think it was mostly Loree because the poor girl just can't catch a break. Other than that, I really liked the story of Austin and Loree, how they like each other and slowly grow to realize they are in love.

Loree really thinks the best of Austin in the time where he needs it the most, and she's the one who starts to give him back his dreams - and his gift for music which he thought had died while he was in jail. They have their problems but they work things out. 
There is a plot twist - which I actually figured out half way through the book - which requires you to believe in a huge coincidence, but I didn't mind it much.

Bottom Line:A lovely read, and a great conclusion to the series. I really liked where everyone ended up in the story and I highly recommend both the book and the series.

Favorite Quote: “Think there's any chance Romeo and Juliet is a story about a boy and his dog?” Rawley asked.
      Loree fought back her smile. “No, it's a love story.”
      “A boy could love his dog,” he said hopefully.
      Loree's smile broke free. “In this story, he loves a woman.”
      Rawley grimaced. “They ain't gonna do any kissing, are they?”
      “Don't you like kissing?”
      “Ain't never tried it, but can't see where it'd be much fun. From what I can tell, looks to me like the two people are just swapping spit. I'd rather swap marbles.”
starstarstarstar1/2Personal Favorite

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