April 14, 2011

Book Review: Katie and The Cupcake Cure by Coco Simon

Cupcake cureAt First Sight: Katie wasn't the type of girl to worry about the beginning of middle school... until it happened and her best friend semi-dumped her at the bus stop on the first day of classes. And, as the day wore on, Katie felt more queasy as things began to go wrong: her friend kept ignoring her, her locker would never open, she was always late for class, etc.

The First day of Middle school would have been a complete flop if not for Mia, Alexis and Emma, the girls Katie meets at the bus and during lunch. The girls are impressed with Katie's cupcake - a treat her mom sent her, since they are both cupcake enthusiasts - and so Katie promises to bring them a special cupcake the next time she and her mom make some.

From there they form The Cupcake Club as they become fast friends and help each other navigate middle school.

Second Glance: Katie and The Cupcake Cure is an adorable book, and it launches The Cupcake Diaries series - each one of the girls will get her own book, later this year - and I loved it. 

As a narrator, Katie was very easy to relate to, she was very down to earth and normal, and she just happened to love cupcakes. She got along with her mom and wanted to be a good friend. The other girls had distinct personalities and it was easy to like them too.

I always love a good book that portrays realistic friendship and this book definitely does that. As I said, Alexis, Katie, Emma and Mia are very different but also very accepting of each other, and rather than frown at their differences they rely in each others strengths - even when making cupcakes!

Also, it has a super cute design and chapter titles.

Bottom Line: Katie and the Cupcake Cure - coming out on May 3rd - is a sweet first book in what I'm sure will be a sweet series, I can't wait to read the sequel - Mia in the Mix - and spend more time with these girls. Definitely a sweet book for tween girls, that will leave you craving some cupcake goodness.

Favorite Quote: "My locker is an evil robot in disguise, sent here to Earth to prevent me from finishing middle school. 
Or maybe it's from the future; I'm not sure."

"It's my mom, mostly," I admitted. "She's cupcake crazy."
Mia laughed. "My mom is shopping crazy."
"You're lucky," Said Alexis. "My mom is cleaning crazy."
Emma shrugged. "My mom says me and my brothers make her crazy."
Cover Variations
Cover Variations

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