June 30, 2010

Sheriff Needs A Nanny by Teresa Carpenter

Nikki Rhodes didn't know what to expect when the employment agency sent her to the home of the town's new sheriff. She knew little about her would-be employer, and she didn't expect to find such a sad, solemn baby to take care of.

But Mickey - as she nicknames the baby with the mouthful name of Carmichael - quickly steals a piece of her heart so she decides to take the job, even though she isn't sure she likes her new boss Trace Oliver, whom she pegs for a control freak much like her mother was.

Trace isn't sure he wants Nikki around either, he's not very comfortable around expressive people as his own father wasn't much for emotion, but he reckons she's what his son needs and hires her anyway.

Sheriff Needs a Nanny is a light-ish, fun, quick read. True, characters weren't as developed as they could have been but it is a very short book. Mickey is definitely an asset to the book, even though he's just a little baby. The scenes with him and Trace are cute. I recommend it if you're in the mood for a fast read.


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