June 19, 2010

Family Affairs (Secrets of My Hollywood Life) by Jen Calonita

Familly AffairsAfter a hectic summer, teen TV star Kaitlin Burke is happy to be back on the set of Family Affairs - the long running prime time soap she has worked on since she was four - even if that means that she has to be around her co-star Sky. But this year, things aren't as they used to be in the FA set.

There is a new girl in town, Alexis Holden, who's two faced as they come and likes to look good by making everyone else look bad, particularly Sky and Kaitlin. Soon enough, Kaitlin finds herself running around trying to juggle keeping her job, outing Alexis as the witch she is and dealing with all the changes that look in the horizon.

Ok, confession time, whenever I read a Secrets of my HollywoodLife book , I find myself thinking I'm going to drop this series, and wishing and hoping for Katlin to have/get/grow some backbone; and Family Affairs was no exception.

I like Kaitlin, she's a nice person, fun, and I even like her bouts of jealousy because they make her seem more human, but she always lets everyone walk all over her. And I DEEPLY dislike her parents - particularly her Mom - who seem more interested in the Business of Kaitlin Burke than in Kaitlin herself, often pushing her to do things she doesn't want to do, objecting her boyfriend (because he's not famous, really, that's the only thing Kate's Mom has against Austin), and not letting her do anything. And Kaitlin either takes it and misses on doing something, or does something rash that ends up landing her on more trouble.

She always does grow a little at the end of the book, but each book I feel like I've read this story before, and I have (by now, tree times from Calonita, already!). But again, I do find myself picking the next book, and reading it. Only that this time I sort of wished the next book was on Sky rather than on Kaitlin.

Other than non-stop name dropping (which gets annoying after a while), this is a fun read overall, though.

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  1. OH! I've read the 1st two in this series but I haven't read this book! I forgot about this series :/ And I agree with you - I never liked her family (her mom-ager). They always were more interested in what Kaitlin provided for them VS what she needed. I'll have to re-read the series and then this book :)


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