May 7, 2010

Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLane

Jolie Russell and her widowed father were having a bit of money troubles when land developer Cody Dean showed up on their doorstep with a multimillion dollar offer for their land. They accept with the condition that they get to keep their house -at least the location - and Cody agrees.

And, just like that, Jolie goes from rags to riches, but almost a year later Jolie still feels lost and unaccepted by the community where she landed - Cody uses the Russell's land to build an upscale gated community, and now Jolie and her father live there - and she's still nursing her hopeless crush on Cody (whom she has liked since high school).

Enter Cody's brother Brett. Brett isn't into the whole high society thing -even though his family has money - and he genuinely likes Jolie, so he comes up with an idea to help Jolie fit a little bit better... and to make his brother just a little bit jealous.

Will Jolie ever fit in? Will Cody be her prince charming?

You'll have to read to find out but my take on Redneck Cinderella is that it was funny and sweet. It lost me a bit around the middle when I wanted things to speed up a little, but over all it was a nice little read.

Jolie was so funny and I liked how she was very aware that money doesn't buy happiness. Cody was a bit harder to like at the beginning, but he did grow on me, as did most other characters in the book, and it ended up being a quite satisfying read.

Oh! And Jolie's dog was adorable.


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