May 27, 2010

Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas

Married by MorningLeo Hathaway became Lord Ramsay by chance - and the work of the Ramsay curse that killed the last few lords less than 5 years after they got the title - but after almost four years he has settled into his new position and with the help of his family made a success of the estate.

But, while his mind is preoccupied wondering just how many secrets Miss Marks - the governess and companion of Leo's younger sisters - keeps hidden and wondering why he's so obsessed with the woman; news come that unless he marries and produces an heir within the year, the Hathaways will lose their new home.

Catherine Marks loves working and living with the Hathaways, having gotten used to their eccentricities and all of Beatrix's pets, she's just happy to be around a family like the one she never had. Her years with them have brought her peace even though her past still haunts her.

Leo's interest makes it hard for Cat to keep all of her secrets and so, some of them begin to spill slowly, turning what it started as mutual dislike into a something Leo never expected to feel again and that Cat never hoped to feel at all.

Married by Morning
is the long awaited Leo/Marks book for those who have been following the Hathaways the last few years, And I do recommend to read the books in order, that way you appreciate the family interactions more. Personally, I found the story very satisfying, I was surprised I read the book so fast but their arguments were just so funny.

I have to give it to Lisa Kleypas, she's a master at writing those small-moments that really make you fall in love with a story and this book has many of them. And Dodger the ferret makes one very stellar performance!

All in all I loved to see how Leo and Cat changed through out the books, and I can totally buy that they are madly in love.

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