January 5, 2010

Secrets of My Hollywood LIfe: On Location by Jen Calonita

On LocationWARNING (possible spoilers from Secrets of My Hollywood Life)When we last saw Kaitlin Burke she had just made a comeback, landed the role to die for in a highly anticipated movie, and gotten hottie Austin Meyers for a boyfriend.

Things should be going pretty well for her but, as production starts she has less time to be with Austin, has to deal with her Family Affairs co-star, the scheming Sky, and her jerky ex-boyfriend Drew both of whom are co-staring in the movie as well, there is also a Darth Vader like studio publicist and a moody director.

Soon Kaitlin is being pulled in many different directions at once, and her relationship with Austin is suffering, because in Hollywood not everything that shines is gold and if Kaitlin wants to keep those things that matte the most to her, she must learn to put them first.

I actually enjoyed this book quite a bit, but I also sort of grew annoyed with Kaitlin, mostly because she falls back into the same mistake that landed her in trouble in the first book: she always lets herself be pulled every which way and ends up miserable for it. I hoped a little more from her, and she does eventually take a stand, but meanwhile she annoyed me a little bit.

Other than that I found the book funny and entertaining; a light, quick and easy read and I'm glad I already got the sequel Family Affairs in my TBR pile.



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