January 29, 2010

Killer by Sara Shepard

KillerKiller is the sixth book in the Pretty Little Liars series, so some spoilers from previous books might be found. Also, I'm going to assume you're following the series.

We are once more in Rosewood, Pennsylvania diving into the lives of Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna. When we last saw them they had just found the dead body of Ian Thomas in the woods at the back of Spencer's house only that, by the time the police arrived, the body was gone and soon the girls are labeled as liars seeking attention.

Clearly, the new "A" is not going to make things easy for the girls while they struggle with their different problems:

Emily has to face the fact that her new boyfriend's mom hates her. Spencer is dealing with Momma-Drama too, as she seeks for her would be biological mother. Aria has moved back with her father to avoid her mother's slimy new boyfriend. And Hanna is in a death match against her stepsister Kate, both to see who's Rosewood Day's it girl and for the heart of a younger lacrosse player.

And, all the while, disturbing stuff about the past is coming to the light, about Ali's murder, her brother Jason, Officer Wilden and even Jenna Cavannaugh, as "A" sends each of the girls in a wild goose chase, making them doubt what they know about what happened all those years ago.

Okay, so like I said we are back in Rosewood and I'm sorry to say but the story is getting a little tired, I know there are only two more books to go in the series but I somehow felt like nothing really happened during this book and yet everyone's life got screwed over at some point or another, but then again, it has been happening in every book.

I guess that is a testament to Mrs. Shepard's skill that even though I didn't particularly like or dislike this book, I still want to read the next one because not knowing who killed Ali is driving me nuts.

Read if you are hooked in the series and you must.



  1. Reminds me of the Scream movies.

  2. Hazra - You are right! It does bring back the Scream movies a bit! I hadn't thought of it but yup! it does!


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