October 16, 2009

Death by Denim by Linda Gerber

death byDeath by Denim - book three of the Death By series by Linda Gerber (Possible spoilers of Death by Bikini and Death by Latte).

Aphra Connolly now knows what is like living on-the-run. After the events of Death by Latte, Aphra and her mom have been living under the radar in Lyon, France; without contact with her father or with the boy who started it all: Seth.

See, until a year ago, Aphra lived a very normal, borderline boring life in an Island resort owned by her dad, she was a little lonely, and she missed her Mom (who hadn't come with them when they moved to the Island). Then the Mulos arrived and their son Seth pretty much changed Aphra's life, not only because they sort of fell in love but because the Mulos were the key to uncover things Aphra didn't know about her mom, like the fact that she is in fact a super-secret CIA agent.

Now, after living with her CIA agent Mom, Aphra is a bit on the edge all the time, vigilant and aware of her surroundings. So, when she realizes that a man has been following her for a while, she and her Mom pick up and leave Lyon to seek help from the Agency. In Paris, Aphra realizes that there is only one way for her life to go back to normal: to stop The Mole, the criminal boss who has been hunting her, her mom and the Mulos.

Will she see Seth again? Will she feel safe again?

Well, that's what Death by Denim is here for!

At this point I'm not sure if they are going to be more Death by/Aphra Connolly books, but Death by Denim does brings to an end this Mole narrative arc; however, for me, the book felt a little flat. Don't get me wrong, Linda Gerber is a very good writer, her characters are engaging and the story itself is good, but in the end I wasn't charmed with the book, and I had no trouble putting it down between chapters.

Also, since this is the third book, you're already able to pick up the pattern of them - mostly in the fact that Aphra often jumps to a bad conclusion early on and then has to work her way out of it.

All in all, Death by Denim is an enjoyable read, though.



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